I was involved in making several short films while at university, including one in which I tried to act drunk and ended up just looking like I’d forgotten how to talk, but these are the two that I wrote, directed and edited myself, as well as some camera operation and a cameo (cos I’m so famous) in ‘Engagement’. Points for anyone who spots me at the party!

These aren’t masterpieces, but they’re not bad. I still massively appreciate everyone who was involved in either of them, and they were great learning experiences.

PURGED (2012) – based on my ‘award-winning’ play, ‘Acheron’ (pron “ACKeron”)

Urgh. I do still like it, but if I were able to rewrite, re-direct and re-edit it then I would make several changes, as with everything.


ENGAGEMENT (2013) – the one I wish I had made as a parody

If I had written and made ‘Engagement’ with the intention of making it a parody of the romcomcrap that comes out of Hollywood several times a year, I would have done a better job. I don’t think I did badly but, alas, I took myself seriously and this is the result. Again, I would make several changes if I made it again now, but hindsight is a bitch.

If you want to delay your gratification and tease yourself with some trailers for ‘Engagement’, there are two below the film itself.